Cricket Cares - 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

In association with the "Pittsburgh Cricket Association", Cricket Cares brings you a Tennis Ball Triple Wicket Cricket Tournament to raise funds to help Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre who has got its own Primary School situated within the campus with running their operations and help suporting several critical needs. Students upto Grade V are admitted there. High school going students are admitted at Government Higher Sec. Schools.

About Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre:

  • Being recognized and registered (41/83) by the State Government of Tamil Nadu, India as one of the best NGO for its true social activities. The organization being a minority institution was awarded its recognition after 3 years from its establishement.
  • Awarded 80G to be exempted from the Tax payment.

    • About the Students:

      Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre, has worked out it?s best to provide quality and best education possible to the children. Mrs.Rani Krishnan, is the Founder & Secretary of Annai Fathima Trust. Mrs.Rani Krishnan did not stop the dreams of the children under her care, rather she encouraged them to think about their future and helped the children to achieve it. As everyone realizes the importance of education Mrs.Rani Krishnan also gave more importance for the children?s education by collecting funds from many people to educate a single child. It?s a known fact that parents do feel difficult to educate their own children but Mrs.Rani Krishnan with the help from many people molded many abandoned children into Graduates. For more information visit